Brand development for Seidensticker Holding

Prescribing minimalism to a German gentlemen's tailor

Seidensticker is Europe's biggest shirt producer and number three world-wide. The international company grew from the traditional German gentlemen's tailor Seidensticker and holds famous fashion brands and licenses. Seidensticker Shirts, Jacques Britt, Redford, Schwarze Rose, alpenland and more stand for quality and a certain lifestyle.

In order to inject new life into established craftsmanship, many of the publications had to be revised. For more fresh air and elegance, the layouts were rigorously cleaned and simplified. Colours were reduced and old imagery for individual articles was replaced by illustrations.

Seidensticker brand liftings
Retouching holding logo, refreshing brochures, catalogues, trade fair publications, billboards
Seidensticker Holding
Eisenmenger, Germany
Mainly print
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