Brand creation for Chocolaterie Monbana

Organic and stimulating: a new French chocolate bar receives a branding

Welcome to Chocolatierie Monbana, the chocolate factory! The company evolved from a traditional French artisan confiseur. Today, Monbana has a world-wide network of fashionable confiserie stores and is a global supplier of fine chocolate, dietary and organic food.

The confectioner developed an energizing chocolate bar with exclusively natural ingredients and stimulators (such as green coffee, fruit and vegetable extracts). The production respects sustainable values. Together with hyperborea (now B&Co), I developed the brand and its three product lines Senior, Lunch and Sport.

Brand development, brand structure, logotypes, packaging
Fine chocolate, dietary and organic food
Chocolaterie Monbana
hyperborea (now B&Co)
Mainly print
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