Exhibition catalogues for Éspace arts plastiques, Ville de Vénissieux

Reflecting the friction between the artist, his works and an exhibition space

The Éspace arts plastiques of the city Vénissieux in the Lyon suburbs is a well-known theater and art space. Exhibitions show international artists with a link to the French region Rhône-Alpes.

For the biannual exposition rhythm, I designed the exhibition catalogues. For each of the editions, I first visited the artists’ workshops and had a live tour through all current oeuvres in progress. We then discussed concepts, pondered formats and paper haptics. The challenge was to capture the correlation between the artistic vision, the look of the exhibition space, and available production budget. The result was a publication which was not only accompanying, but a catalogue with its stand-alone value.

Exhibition catalogues of Denis Serre, Raphaël Boissy and Christine Crozat
Conception, layout, image treatment, print management
Art & design
Éspace arts plastiques, Ville de Vénissieux
Mainly print
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